5 of The Most Famous Financial Advisors

5 of The Most Famous Financial Advisors
December 8, 2017 Wilma Roberts 0 Comments

Who doesn’t like a little advice on making and saving money? Almost nobody. And there is plenty of that on television, on the radio, and in print. Advice galore.

Some better than others, and some more scandalous than others. This list will feature a little bit of flavor for everyone’s taste when it comes to getting financial advice.

5 of The Most Famous Financial Advisors

 1.Bernie Madoff

Ol’ crooked Bernie Madoff made number five and could have been number one for all the wrong reasons. Instead, we gave the honors to someone else.

Bernie owned his own investment firm called, Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities, and even sat on the NasDaq electronic trading chair before getting popped for a plethora of fraud charged by the S.E.C. and federal government.

Madoff now gives sound fiscal advice from a cell. But the 79-year-old will always have a piece of U.S. financial history for committing what was dubbed, “the biggest fraud in Wall Street.”

  • Fmr. financial advisor.
  • Once was closely connected to the Democratic party and federal officials,
  • Fmr. stockbroker and financier.
  • Received 150 years in prison for securities fraud, investment advisor fraud and more.

 2.Suze Orman

Suze Orman may be the only female on this list, but don’t let that deceive you. She is an author, business and financial advisor, motivational speaker, and former television host and personality.

Her Suze Orman Show ran from 2002-2015 on CNBC. She is now enjoying a life out of the spotlight with her wife of 7 years. Her estimated net worth can range from $10 million to $30 million.

Some of her books:
  • Women And Money.
  • The Road To Wealth.
  • Suze Orman’s Will And Trust Kit.
  • You’ve Earned It Don’t Lose It.

 3.Ben Stein

Bueller, Bueller? Yes, it is that guy from the Ferris Bueller movie with the dry and sardonic tone. Ben Stein, who was once a speechwriter for president, Richard Nixon, is known for many talents.

His show with Jimmy Kimmel, “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” was a popular game show on Comedy Central and he regularly appears on Fox, in the Wall Street Journal, and once had a bi-weekly column for Yahoo Finance.

His estimated net worth is about $20 million. His books include:
  • You Can Retire Comfortably.
  • Yes You Can Time The Market

4.Jim Cramer

There may not be any more of a louder and lively figure on this list than that of, Jim Cramer. You know him from his long-time show on CNBC, “Mad Money,” where he bangs on tabletops, buttons, and shouts for some kind of sound effect.

He is known for his passionate advice in stocks, investing and market analysis. Business Insider claims that this former Goldman Sachs employee is worth between $50-100 million annually.

He has some best-selling books, including:
  • Confessions Of A Street Addict.
  • Get Rich Carefully.
  • Mad Money.
  • Getting Back To Even

5.Dave Ramsay

The voice and reason behind getting your “financial life” back and your ducks in a row. You name it, and a good chance is that Dave Ramsay has done it. He’s a radio host, American businessman, TV personality, motivational speaker and a best-selling author.

His radio show can be heard on XM Radio, and he regularly appears on Fox Business Network.

It is estimated Dave Ramsay nets near $55 million and he is known for encouraging investors to hold four mutual funds in their 401k or IRA.

 His best-selling books include:
  • Financial Peace.
  • Total Money Makeover

6.The Final Words

The likes of Ramsay, Orman, Cramer and Stein have sold over tens of millions of books on debt, market analysis, financial advice and more. While most people wouldn’t take advice from Madoff, they do line up for the words and thoughts of the aforementioned.

There doesn’t seem to be a pause in sight in popularity of financial advisors on TV or on the radio.